About the Book


When a child is struggling with a behavior challenge or wants to learn a new skill, a contract can be a surprisingly effective solution that leads to more peaceful family dynamics. To help families create contracts as a collaborative process, Let’s Make a Contract offers an innovative combination of how-to text for parents and illustrated stories for children.

For Parents

Let’s Make a Contract describes a straightforward, four-step solution called behavioral contracting, a research-based technique with proven real-world success. While contracts are a tool that can benefit anyone, they’re particularly useful with children on the autism spectrum, or with learning or developmental disabilities, who benefit from understanding clear expectations and receiving positive feedback and rewards.


For Children

Beautifully illustrated stories show a diverse group of families using contracts to address common problems, such as completing chores or homework, getting along, becoming independent, and achieving personal goals. Questions after each story are designed to spark age-appropriate discussions



“This [book] is about parenting with compassion, empowering your child, and parenting with positivity.” ~Operants (July 2024)

“Parents will look at this book and think, ‘I would like to read that’.” ~ Behavior Analysis in Practice (June 28, 2022)

“This pragmatic book … stands to foster relationships whose depths transcend the contracts themselves, helping families to flourish, minimizing conflict, and building trust and accountability within both generations.” ~ Foreword Reviews (May/June 2022)

"Colorful and easy to implement, this book will be a resource for parents and guardians looking to try behavior contracting in their homes." ~ Library Journal (May 1, 2022)

“Dardig and Heward’s engaging storytelling highlights the numerous ways in which contracting can be used to create positive behavior change.” ~ Science in Autism Treatment (June 2022)